20 December 2016
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After her musical journeys deep into the Japanese (‘Haiku’) and Lusitanian (‘Sobremesa’) sounds, this time AMJ sings in Polish with the Cubans.

The album ‘Minione’, which will be launched on Saint Valentine Day, brings back to life the most charming pre-war Polish tangos.
AMJ sings with one of the greatest improvising pianist of our times, fantastic Gonzalo Rubalcaba and his jazz trio.
Among hundreds of old tangos and boleros, both leading musicians chose those that inspired them most, such as: [‘Rebeca’] or [‘Your lips lie’]. Those pieces had the ability to span the world of the thirties of the past century with contemporary vocal music, as well as connect various cultures: Polish, Cuban, Jewish, Argentinian and American.

‘When I work with the artists coming from the musical backgrounds different to mine, I’m always delighted by their diversity. Everything that they bring in to the recording enriches me spiritually. I’m amazed of the immensity of beauty and truth on the crossroads of cultures and human sensibility. Music is the language of unity” – says AMJ. “Working on those old tangos was pure magic. Rarely can you come across the material of such charm, intense melancholy, mystery and eroticism. Recording with Gonzalo was sheer mysticism. The presence of ‘being’ in every note teaches you to be carefully attentive and humble.’

‘Minione’ is arranged and produced by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. The highest audiophile sound quality of the recording is the merit of the Grammy Awards winner Carlos Alvarez, in the legendary studios The Hit Factory in Miami, Florida.

Photos and the clip for the project were made by Robert – ROY – Nałęcz during the recording sessions in Miami studios, as well as in Warsaw (Cosmopolitan apartments).

The album release will be followed by the tour in the biggest Polish cities.

21/03/2017 – TORUŃ / Centrum Kulturalno-Kongresowe Jordanki
22/03/2017 – GDAŃSK / Polska Filharmonia Bałtycka
24/03/2017 – BIELSKO-BIAŁA / Bielskie Centrum Kultury
25/03/2017 – POZNAŃ / Sala Ziemi
26/03/2017 – ŁÓDŹ / Wytwórnia
28/03/2017 – WARSZAWA / Teatr Muzyczny Roma – 2 concerts
31/03/2017 – KRAKÓW / ICE KRAKÓW
2/04/2017 – WROCŁAW / Narodowe Forum Muzyki
4/04//2017 – SZCZECIN / Filharmonia w Szczecinie
6/04/2017 – LUBLIN / Teatr Stary
7/04/2017 – LUBLIN / Teatr Stary
8/04/2017 – KATOWICE / NOSPR

For those in love, not loved or loved not enough…

Anna Maria Jopek / Gonzalo Rubalcaba