Anna Maria Jopek

We are proudly representing passionate Slavic artist Anna Maria Jopek. For seventeen years AMJ studied classical music. At the same time, at home was surrounded by traditional music, her parents being active in Poland’s famous folk ensemble Mazowsze. However, AMJ decided to bestow her affection on jazz, with its wide-ranging scope, its openness to so many diverse influences, with the constant intimate dialogue between performing musicians that it entails. And finally it happened. Today AMJ chooses not to belong to any of these worlds, but to freely draw on each of them, in the hope of finding one of her own. As Pat Metheny put ‘Anna is original, unique, different. She’s brace, she’s modest, she’s open. She’s a great musician. What she’s been doing all her life is just trying to play the best notes. Trying to sound good. In that particular sense, she’s a lot like me and that’s why I decided to work with her. Because she just cares for the music.’

ARTIST: Anna Maria Jopek
GENRE: World Music, Folk, Jazz
ABOUT: Anna Maria Jopek – composer, arranger and singer with respectful, honorable carrier has sold one million records and collaborated with the most outstanding musicians – Pat Metheny, Bobbi Mc Ferrin, Ivan Lins, Youssou N’Dour, Makoto Ozone, Richard Bona and others. AMJ has been faithful to Polish musical tradition since her very first album and all along her solo career. As AMJ says: ‘music itself has always been my prime concern. It is the great challenge to face the audience that does not understand Polish and does not know me at all. It’s a lesson in humility, in sheer communication through sound. We can win, we can fail, but we have to be absolutely honest and pure when it comes to making music.’

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