Anna Maria Jopek to perform at the legendary Blue Note Clubs in Japan and China

22 October 2019
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This November, Anna Maria Jopek and her band are heading back to Asia! On Nov 1, 7 pm, they will perform at Matsukata Hall in Kobe and then hold a series of concerts at the legendary Blue Note clubs in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Nov 4 (5 & 8 pm) – Blue Note Tokyo
Nov 7 (7.30 pm) – Blue Note Shanghai
Nov 8 (7.30 pm & 22:00) – Blue Note Shanghai
Nov 9 (7.30 pm) – Blue Note Beijing
Nov 10 (6.30 pm) – Blue Note Beijing

AMJ will be joined on stage by Krzysztof Herdzin (piano), Robert Kubiszyn (bass), and Piotr Nazaruk (flutes, zither, supporting vocals).

“Once in Japan I moved Polish folk tune ‘Hej Przeleciał Ptaszek’ [A Little Bird Flew By] into pentatonic scale. It all worked out. So many paths, beliefs, viewpoints, ways of seeing, hearing and sensing the world — and always one Music, a language overcoming divisions.”

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