10 April 2016
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    This magical merger of AMJ’s style and Kroke’s music is a clash of two opposite but extraordinary worlds of sensitivity and sound. Their music evokes the in uence of many cultures and brings the past – refers to traditional music as well as future uses innovative technics and form and color. Their own style that borders ethno roots, jazz, classical, klezmer music and even electronica is almost beyond any de ning style.
    Once one listens to their music, immerses into an abyss shimmering with thousands of colors. The music makes a wonderful soundtrack to lm and theater and has been used for this purpose on several occasions. The musicians see themselves as improvisers – explorers, travelling through time and space. Two great voices, one masculine and one feminine, complete this universal piece of art that can be embraced and admired in every latitude.

    We are pleased to invite you to concerts:
    2nd May 2016 – Ciechanów (Poland)
    22nd May 2016 – Łańcut (Poland) – feat. Elbląg Chamber Orchestra
    16th June 2016 – Ostrava (Czech Rep.) – Colorus of Ostrava
    17th September 2016 – Aleksandrów Łódzki (Poland)

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