• Mayra Andrade in Poland

    27 January 2015
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    Mayra Andrade is lovely – adorable, generous and radiant. Her firmly-rooted, distinctive, poetic, topical voice was immediately described a few years ago as “the other Cape Verde” – the sound of a Cesaria Evora freed of the twists of fate and patina of tradition.

    Mayra is lined up to perform in following Polish cities:

    21.03.2015, 20:00 ŁÓDŹ – Wytwórnia, TICKETS
    22.03.2015, 18:00 BIELSKO-BIAŁA – Bielskie Centrum Kultury, TICKETS
    23.03.2015, 20:00 WROCŁAW – Synagoga Pod Białym Bocianem, TICKETS
    25.03.2015, 18:00 WARSZAWA – Teatr Studio, TICKETS

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    23 January 2015

    A beautiful, nineteenth-century chapel with ideal acoustics. Its interiors, designed in the Gothic revival style, has for years provided a perfect setting for live music of many styles and flavours. Among the artists who put on their performances there over the past years are, among others, Björk, Damien Rice, Asaf Avidan, Chris Martin, Goldfrapp, The Killers, Agnes Obel, Florence and the Machine…
    On the third Saturday of February 2015, this charming, fairytale-like chapel will be the venue for a “Polanna” concert. Can you imagine a better place to enjoy some sublime indigenous Polish music? Anna will be joined on stage by our favourites: Marek Napiórkowski, Krzysztof Herdzin, Robert Kubiszyn, Paweł Dobrowolski, and Pedro Nazaruk. The concert is set for 8.30 p.m. at the Union Chapel. Hope to meet you there!

    Find out more: http://store.unionchapel.org.uk/-1/events/21-feb-15-anna-maria-jopek-union-chapel/


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  • ‘TEN’ – new album of Kroke

    22 January 2015

    People reaching for ‘Ten’ already knowing Kroke will find there all that is best of the trio’s music. Music lovers that will meet the emotion-inducing trio for the first time will be captivated from the first few bars of Bright Clouds. ‘Ten’ is the most diverse of Kroke albums, as if the musicians wanted to encapsulate everything that over the years has been their assets. It is, however, by no means a result of conscious measures, but emotions and state of mind of both the musicians and Dariusz Grela, who, by recording the subsequent Kroke albums, became their co-author. One of the pieces from the newest album has been credited to Anna Maria Jopek, who introduced a novelty into Kroke’s repertoire – lyrics. Nevertheless, the composition matches the recognisable Kroke stylistics combining beautiful melodies with improvising and melancholy with an energetic pulse.

    That’s what the world of Kroke is like.


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  • ‘Free Falling’ from Kroke

    22 January 2015

    Watch now new music video to ‘Free Falling’ from new album „Ten”. Enjoy!


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    22 January 2015

    ‘Everyone I work with has brought a unique dimension to my music. No one, however, but Mino has so radically altered the fate of each song. He’s a genius of musical pulse, colour, and narrative,’ says AMJ about Mino Cinelu. “He was my love from first hearing. When Sting sang his hit ‘Fragile,’ I was praying to the guy who played an udu groove in the background. And when I started recording my own music I wished I would meet that Guy one day. If not for Mino, Niebo, Upojenie, Farat, Jo&Co, ID would never have come about… Nobody in the world plays percussion instruments like him. He has such a golden, live-giving pulse in his fingers.’

    Mino Cinelu will join AMJ Quartet, a versatile and crazy band of multi-instrumentalists. ‘Sky is the limit, says Anna Maria Jopek about the project. We will hear some brand new music, as well as old songs reinterpreted in a new light. AMJ and her special guest will be backed by Piotr Nazaruk, Krzysztof Herdzin, and Robert Kubiszyn.

    14 February 2015 – ŁÓDŹ (Wytwórnia)
    15 February 2015 – WROCŁAW (Concert venue of Radio Wrocław)
    17 February 2015 – BIELSKO-BIAŁA (Bielskie Centrum Kultury)
    17 February 2015 – WARSZAWA (Teatr Studio)

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